Just the right
amount of


Trends towards supplements and
fortified foods.

Industry illnesses as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, overweight have been shown to correlate with eating patterns. We could prevent about % 82 of heart attaches, % 70 of strokes, over % 90 of type 2 diabetes and over % 70 of colon cancer with right dietary choices (Willet, Frontline, April, 2004).

Current diets do not bring long term solution. One reason might be the reductionist approach by focussing to only one aspect of food, like reducing carbohydrates in foods. That might be the reason why there are always new hypes about nutrients like current high protein hype!

An imbalance will be introduced in food’s nutrient profile by enriching or isolating some nutrients and food gets even worse. Or an imbalance will be introduced in our body by consuming food supplements, like vitamin pills!


All in one, as in nature.

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Not enough nutrients?

You don't need more
than nature offers,
you need better balance.

Our products consist of natural ingredients. We combine natural raw materials in a way as whole food providing you with all necessary nutrients. You don’t need chemically synthetized vitamins, minerals, etc.


Instrument makes the tone, orchestra the music.

Healthy or unhealthy
is a question of balance.

Food trends represent some nutrients as “healthy” and the others as “unhealthy”. Thus, some nutrients become popular against others. Industry offers products enriched with those “healthy” or take out “unhealthy” nutrients from foods. In realty, they bring an imbalance into nutritional profile of a natural food. Current hypes like protein pancake or omega-3 milk are examples.

Food supplements
have no effect,
in best case!

Food trends have little scientific basis. Based on our 23 years of experience with cells we have seen again and again that addition of single components into a nutrient mixture can maximally have no effect; it is normally detrimental. The healthiness depends on concentration of each nutrient and in the context of other nutrients. Therefore, our solution is balancing all nutrients as whole.


The context makes it right.

One, together with hundreds of others.

A food is more than only carbohydrate or fat that food contains. Foods are complex consisting thousands of nutrients. Our body is complex too, requiring many nutrients simultaneously, each in optimal concentration. If only one essential nutrient is too much or too little, cells cannot function in best way even if all other nutrients have perfect concentration. It is impossible to reduce the discussion to one nutrient. 

Therefore, we have a holistic approach. We consider all nutrients simultaneously, the many different minerals, trace elements, vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids. We optimise the concentration of all 60 measurable nutrients. Even further, we consider the remaining hundreds of non-measurable nutrients as well. 

We use whole foods instead of food fragments or single chemical supplements.


Back to the roots under the lamp of science.

The combination; nature does it randomly, we intentionally.

Cells have different metabolism under different circumstances as human body.

Cell metabolism for increased protein synthesis is similar to building muscle in humans. 

Cell metabolism for prolonged viability is similar to healthy aging of people. 

Cell metabolism for reduced metabolic waste production is similar to reduce acidification of our bodies.

We have developed an algorithm, which we have applied for patent. Our algorithm simulates those metabolic stages and calculates the required nutrients. As a result, we obtain recipes of naturally available raw materials which are then formed to a food. We achieve all these without adding chemicals or food fragments.