All started with cells.

Dr. Cayli was working for 23 years long in biopharmaceutical industry. He was searching for methods to prolong the life of cells for production of more proteins. He could prolong the life of cells by 300% and let the cells produce 500% more protein. He has achieved this only by modifying the nutrients cells consume. He has developed nutrient mixtures as best in the world which are currently used in biopharmaceutical industry.

First Surprise

Dr. Cayli was always working with hamster cells. Later he has extended his work to different human and animals cells. To his surprise he has seen that the principles of long cell life, gaining more energy or producing more protein are common to cells independent of their origin​

Second surprise

He has started thinking about human nutrition and read publications of dieticians and health authorities. To his surprise he has seen that the topics are the same with the difference, that dieticians remain in high level without going into detail. Dr. Cayli on the other hand was dealing 23 years long with the same topics but in an extreme detail, in cellular level, therefore possess profound known-how. Thus, the idea was born to develop foods for humans based on in-deep know-how in cell metabolism and to combine it with natural raw materials in traditional foods without adding chemicals.


Yes, it is cell metabolism, not a hype.

Dr. Aziz Cayli


Dr. Cayli is founder and CEO of Nutriomix GmbH. He is also founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Florabio AS, a biotechnology company in cell media development. He has gained experience by Roche Diagnostics and later by Boehringer Ingelheim in Germany. He has then founded the Cellca GmbH in Germany and developed the most powerful medium for cells. Cellca became the leading technology company and it was acquired by Sartorius in 2015. He has a degree of biotechnology from Technical University Braunschweig and he has PhD from Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung in Braunschweig.

Juliane Havermann

Ms. Havermann has extensive experience in management, personnel and marketing. She was director in personnel development in KPMG, Berlin. Later she has worked as coach and trainer for banks, law offices and auditors. Juliane has Master of Arts in George Washington University, Washington DC, USA.


Traditional. Trustful.

Jürgen Maucher

CEO, Chancenkapital BC

Chancenkapital BC GmbH is not only shareholder but also partner and advisor of Nutriomix.

Chancenkapital is a 100% subsidiary of Kreissparkasse Biberach. Since 1998, Chancenkapital supports the economic development of innovative companies.

"In addition to an innovative idea, the founder and his background is extremely important for us. Dr. Cayli is internationally a well-known scientist in the field of Biotechnology. We’ve been working with Dr. Cayli for more than 15 years and we had always very successful and trustful business relationship."